9:ans Ölhall - Andra Långgatan 9
Nice place with a big and boring draft selection, but they do seem to carry a few Swedish micros. They serve food, but quality is unknown. Good service.
Hours: Mon-Thu 15-01, Fri-Sat 14-02, Sun 15-24
Bar Kino - Linnégatan 21
Nice, friendly hipster bar with good outdoor seating. Fills up quickly. About 10 draft beers, 20 bottled. Serve rare local microbrews like Vega and Stigberget. Vegetarian food that is apparently among the best in town.
Hours: Mon-Fri 17-01, Sat-Sun 17-02
City Pub - Lorensbergsgatan 6
Nice, if somewhat plain, sports bar serving a good selection of Swedish micros with some US and Scandinavian imports. Good food, too.
Hours: Mon-Wed 11-23, Thu-Fri 11-24, Sat 14-24, Sun 14-21
Golden Days - Södra Hamngatan 31
No idea what the place is like, but the beer list looks OK.
Hours: Mon-Tue 11-23, Wed-Thu 11-24, Fri 11-01, Sat 12-01, Sun 13-23
Gyllene Prag - Sveagatan 25
Nice Czech restaurant with really good food, 7 draft beers and ~20 bottled. The beers are mostly Czech. You don't have to eat. Good service. Fills up quickly.
Hours: Mon-Thu 11-24, Fri 11-01, Sat 12-01, Sun 12-23
Haket bar och sån't - Första Långgatan 32
Bar with attached restaurant, appealing to people of various sexual orientations. Draft selection is limited, but ~150 bottled beers, with lots of Swedish and US. Serves food (such as sushi). Music can be annoying.
Hours: Mo - thu 16-01, fri 16-02, sat 18-02
Het Amsterdammetje - Odinsgatan 19-21
Dutch-style café with quite a few Dutch beers, even micros. Serves heavy Dutch-style food.
Hours: Mon-Thu 12-24, Fri 12-02, Sat 13-02, Sun 14-?
Hotel Novotel Bar - Klippan 1
Nice hotel bar with excellent harbour views and good food. Beer selection is limited, but some amazing porters, including vintage ones. Not clear whether this is a permanent fixture or just temporarily for the 2009 porter festival.
Hours: 17-24
Jerntorgets Brygghus - Järntorget 4
Big new bar with lots of seating, slightly sterile. Beer selection is good, but not outstanding. Good food, good service.
Hours: Sun-Thu 17-02, Fri-Sat 17-03
John Scott's Pub - Kungsportsavenyen 15
Nice, big place. 16 draft beers, 20 bottled. Everards on cask, and in bottle. Might have some other unknowns. British pub-style food.
Hours: Mon-Thu 1130-0100, Fri 1130-0200, Sat 12-02, Sun 12-01
Mitt Andra Hem - Andra Långgatan 31
Pub with excellent food and 3-4 beers produced especially for them. Good service.
Hours: Mon-Thu 17-23, Fri-Sat 17-01
Old Beefeater Inn - Plantagegatan 1
English-style pub with 11 draft beers, usually at least one Swedish micro. Also has bottled beers, but don't know which. Serves food.
Hours: Mon-Tue 16-24, Wed-Thu 16-01, Fri 16-02, Sat 12-02, Sun 14-23
Pannrummet - Gamlestadsvägen 4
Nice brewpub with boring beers and not-so-good service. Food is average.
Hours: Lunch hours + Fridays 17-24
Plain Kitchen - Risåsgatan 8
Nice, friendly sports bar with good food and a decent selection of Swedish micros, plus some fairly standard but good imports (UK, Germany, Belgium).
Hours: Mon-Thu 16-23, Fri 16-24, Sat 12-24, Sun 14-23
Red Lion - Mariagatan 11
Faux-British pub with 5 guest keg beers and a number of micro beers (~50). Good food.
Hours: 16-23
Rotary Pub - Richertsgatan 2
Student pub with a canteen look to it. Cheap beer, and they do have 85 bottled beers, including some Swedish micros.
Hours: Wed-Fri 19-24
The Bishops Arms (Järntorget) - Järntorget 6
Nice faux-British pub with a library theme. OK food. Good selection. Nice, friendly service.
Hours: Mon 16-24, Tue-Thu 16-01, Fri 15-02, Sat 12-02, Sun 12-23
The Bishops Arms (Kungsportsavenyn) - Kungsportsavenyn 36
Nice faux-British pub with outdoor terrace in the summer. Decent selection of imported beers and some Swedish. Decent food. Service is good, except when very crowded.
Hours: Mon-Thu 16-01, Fri-Sat 14-02, Sun 16-00
The Bishops Arms (Västra Hamngatan) - Västra Hamngatan 3
Not the best of the BA pubs, but still worth a visit.
Hours: Mon-Thu 16-01, Fri 14-02, Sat 15-02, Sun 16-00
The Flying Barrel - Kristinelundsgatan 3
Decent restaurant with decent food and a decent selection of beer (~110). Apparently skippable.
Hours: Sun-Thu 16-24, Fri-Sat 16-02
The Flying Scotsman - Storgatan 47
English-style pub with 7 draft beers and about 40 bottled ones. No rarities, no Swedish micros. Serves food.
Hours: Mon-Tue 16-23, Wed-Thu 16-01, Fri 16-03, Sat 13-03, Sun closed
The Rover - Andra Långgatan 12
Nice pub, friendly knowledgeable staff, good selection, including Swedish micros. Also has English and US micros. Good food. Can get crowded.
Hours: Mon 17-24, Tue-Thu 17-01, Fri-Sat 17-02, Sun 17-24
Tre Små Rum - Kristinelundsgatan 4
One of my favourite pubs anywhere. Small, intimate and decorated like a Persian restaurant, with lots of Belgian beer paraphernalia. Music is usually quality jazz. Outstanding service. Excellent selection. Can be crowded. They now serve food, though the menu is a bit limited.
Hours: Mon-Thu 16-23, Fri-Sat 16-24
Ölhallen 7:an - Kungstorget 7
An institution in Gothenberg, and the oldest beer bar in the city. Beer selection is decent, as is the service. Apparently the only place in Sweden that serves alcohol without having a kitchen.
Hours: Mon-Tue 11-24, Wed-Sat 11-01, Sun 11-24
Ölrepubliken - Kronhusgatan 2B
Serves good food. Draft selection is a mix of imported and Swedish micros. Bottled beer menu is vast.
Hours: Mon-Fri 16-, Sat-Sun 14-
Ölstugan 1892 Tullen - Andra Långgatan 13
Bar serving only Swedish beers. Not the nicest place, and usually full. Serves good food. Beer selection is a bit more macro than one might wish. A couple of house beers.
Hours: Mon-Thu 16-01, Fri 15-01, Sat-Sun 13-01
Systembolaget Nordstan - Nordstan
State monopoly alcohol shop with one of the best beer selections in Sweden. This isn't saying much, but if you want beer, this is the place to go.
Hours: Mon-Wed 10-18, Thu 10-19, Fri 10-20, Sat 10-15