3 Staliukai ir Telikas - Pamenkalnio 14
Small bar. Front room is a terrible, gaudy mess, back room is really nice, like someone's living room. Selection is big for such a small place, but apparently all craft.
Hours: I-VI 16-24
Alaus Kolonėlė - Rinktinės gatvė 55
Wikitravel says: "Small pub with both some raw beer of smaller Lithuanian beer brands from countryside and some world famous brands, and no cousine - just some snacks. But the beer is good!" Clearly has some sort of association with Alaus Brolija.
Alaus Namai - Alberto Goštauto g. 8
A student bar in the concrete basement of an office building, with a nice outside seating area in summer. Plays rock music for a mostly young crowd. Good, cheap food, and a menu of very carefully selected quality Lithuanian beers. There is an English menu with descriptions of all the beers, but unfortunately it can be a bit confusing as it doesn't always clearly specify the brewery. A must to visit, since it's the only place that can be relied on to have Ramunas Cizas's beer.
Hours: Mon-Wed 12-24, Thu 12-03, Fri 12-05, Sat 15-05, Sun 15-23
Alaus Studija - S. Zukausko 20
Apparently an import place. Not sure. Need to check.
Alaus biblioteka - Traku gatve 4
Looks nice in pictures. Seems to follow the general Dundulis bar approach, but some Lithuanian stuff, too. Seems to have huge selection.
Alinė Leičiai - Stiklių g. 4
A restaurant with a historical theme, serving good, traditional Lithuanian food, as well as beer cuisine. It has the same owners as Bambalyne, and so serves a good range of Lithuanian quality beers, some of them draft, and even from cask. Some of the draft beers cannot be found elsewhere. The restaurant itself is a bit dark, but the outdoor patio at the back is very nice (and always full in summer). The beer menu, unfortunately, is deeply confusing.
Hours: 11-?
Alynas (Old Town Vilnius) - Jogailos gatve 6
Modern somewhat soulless bar, with 20 draft Lithuanian beers and perhaps 10 imports, Lithuanians mostly unfiltered. Food is only snacks. Good service. Apparently part of a chain, so there should be more of these.
Hours: Mon-Wed 11-23, Thu 12-24, Fri-Sat 11-02, Sun 11-23
Bamb Alyne - Stikliu gatve 7
"Located in a hidden underground cellar, this bar specializes in rare beers and meats from the Lithuanian countryside." It's also a shop, so you can take away beers. Food appears to be snacks.
Baras Suo - Gedimino 39
Small bar with lots of Dundulis and imports. Selection not that big.
Hours: 17-22
BeerHouse Craft&Kitchen - Vokieciu str. 24
Lovely cellar restaurant with a big selection of beer. FatPhil managed to find new stuff here, so must be quite a selection. Very good food. Entrance apparently hard to find.
Hours: I-IV 12-00, V-VI 12-02, VII 12-00
Belmontas - Belmonto gatvė 17
Brewpub and restaurant in a restored mill out in what is apparently a very nice forest area. Opinions regarding service and food are divided, some say it's great, some say it's awful. They brew three own beers.
Hours: 12-24
Bravaria - Ozo 25 (Akropolis)
Located inside the Akropolis shopping mall, the biggest in Lithuania. German theme brewpub with staff done up in weird costumes etc. Has three own beers. Good food.
Hours: 10:00-24:00, Friday: 10:00-02:00, Saturday: 10:00-
Būsi Trečias - Totorių g. 18
Grungy brewpub with decent service and OK food and four own-brewed beers (two on tap at any given time). The name means "You'll be the third," and apparently this is the oldest pub in Vilnius, at all of 15 years.
Hours: 11-23, -01 Sat, -02 Fri
Deveti Vyrai - Sodu gatve 3
A new, hip and fashionable place just south of the old town. Seems to have good food. They are tied to the Dundulis brewery, and have a number of their beers draft, plus a mostly imported bottled selection. Gets very busy on weekends.
Hours: Mon-Sun 17-01
Kavine Kisenele - Pylimo g. 27
Serves Lithuanian food. Beer menu does not look very interesting. Included on Ratebeer by Vidmantas, but not sure why.
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-21, Sat-Sun 11-21
Leičiu bravoras - Stikliu gatve 5
Brewpub under the same owners as Bambalyne and Leiciai Aline. The Leiciai beets are now owned here.
Nisha Craft Capital - L. Stuokos - Gucevičiaus g. 9
Craft beer place with big selection that gets rave reviews. Bar snacks only.
Hours: Tue-Sat 15 - 24, Sun 15 - 23
Prohibicija Pub - Arkliu str. 6
Very crafty. Quite big selection. No food.
Hours: Tue-Thu 17-23, Fri-Sat 17-02
Senas Radijas - Ausros vartu 27
Cozy place with mostly craft and some Czech beer. No food.
Hours: 16-24
Senoji trobelė - Naugarduko gatve 36
Very nice restaurant focusing on traditional Lithuanian cuisine. Serves 6-7 interesting Lithuanian beers (though nothing rare) plus 4 Lithuanian meads. Reviews of service, food, etc are very positive.
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-23, Sat-Sun 12-23
Smagus Raugas - Bokšto gatvė 8
Bottle shop with mostly rare international imports, but also some Lithuanian beer. Has draft beers, and it's possible to have a beer in the shop. Owned by Vidmantas.
Hours: I-V 16-22, VI-VII 12-22
Tores - Guriu gatve 10
Classy-looking brewpub and restaurant on the edge of a forest outside Vilnius. Outside patio seating as well as tables inside. Food is good, service fast and attentive. Had two of their own beers on when I visited, but there was no mention of beer in the menu or anywhere else, so you could eat there and never discover it's a brewpub. Weird. Quite a nice place, but definitely one to take a taxi to.
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-23, Sat-Sun 12-24
Vilniaus Alus - Pilies 6
Nice little shop and bar serving small dishes and beers from Vilniaus Alus, plus other farmhouse ales. One of the best places in town, apparently.
Hours: 12-23
Vilnius Beer Museum - Konstitucijos pr. 12-4
Totally unknown.
Hours: 11-22
Šnekutis (Užupis) - Polocko 7.a
Nice bar serving 20-30 Lithuanian farmhouse ales, as well as good food. The place to go in Vilnius, apparently.
Hours: 10-22
Šnekutis (Šv Mikolajus) - Šv. Mikalojaus gatvė 15
The third Šnekutis bar, like a mix of the other two. A rough, anonymous room in a modern building, filled with farm implements and rough wooden benches. Good, rustic food, excellent selection of Lithuanian farmhouse ales, modern rock music, and lots of locals chatting away over their beers. Barman was shy but nice. Most of the draft towers were empty, but I assume this was because of Easter.
Hours: 11-23
Šnekutis (Šv. Stepono) - Šv. Stepono 8
Nice bar serving 20-30 Lithuanian farmhouse ales, as well as good food. The place to go in Vilnius, apparently. Owner speaks no English, but does speak Russian.
Hours: 12-24
Špunka - Užupio gatve 9
Tiny bar with a reasonably large selection of Lithuanian beers. Often serves Taura Humulupu IPA. Good cheese and sausage platter.
Hours: 12-23
Žveryno Špunka - Kęstučio 55
Another Špunka in northwestern Vilnius, on the other side of the Neris river from the center. A rather rough brickwork design, with stools and small tables, plus seating around the bar. Affiliated with Dundulis just like the other Špunka and presumably with a similar selection.
Hours: Mon-Sun 16-23
Adria - Islandijos 4
A restaurant offering several kinds of food, but that includes Georgian. Seems to be pretty good.
Tiflisi-Dukani - Naugarduko 12
Georgian restaurant recommended by InYourPocket.
Žemaičiai - Vokieciu gatve 24
Medieval theme restaurant in a cellar. Quite classy, and focusing on Lithuanian cuisine. There appear to be a couple of dishes without potatoes. Good food. A little pricey for Lithuania. Child-friendly.
Gero alaus parduotuvė - Savanorių 22
Seems to be mostly an import place, but need to check. Seems to also have big range of industrials.
Hours: I-VI: 10 - 21, VII: 11 - 18
Maxima xxx - Mindaugas g. 11
Grocery store listed on Ratebeer. Nothing more is known.
Stop Market (Hales Turgaviete) - Pylimo Gatve 52
In the basement of the market place, about 100 bottles. Too hot in summer, but better at other times. Not clear how good the selection really is.
Vilniaus Alus Didžioji Krautuvė - Verkiu gatvé 29, Korpusas 22
Not clear how many beers they have, but it seems to be mostly Vilniaus Alaus. 15-20 draft, 30 bottled. Some Latvian and German. Seem to have Butautu Dvaro and Kurkliu, too.
Hours: Mon-Thu 10-20, Fri 10-21, Sun 10-15