Semantic Web School interviews


Lion fountain, Leipzig

As part of the promotion of TMRA 2007, Lutz arranged to have some of the speakers interviewed by the Semantic Web School for their August newsletter. It's not the first time I've been interviewed, but it doesn't exactly happen very often, either, so I'm quite happy about this.

The interview was done by email over the summer with long deadlines, which worked out nicely, because I could just let the questions lie there until I was in the right mood to answer them. I find that some days it's really easy for me to express myself and say what I want, and other days it's a real struggle to get anything at all across. So being able to wait for a favourable moment was very nice, and probably did the interview a lot of good.

And while we are on the subject of TMRA: the conference program is now published, as is the tutorial program. We are very pleased with this year's program, which I think is the strongest yet. Now is the time to sign up! The early bird registration closes on Monday, and after that you have to pay the full price to attend.


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