Terms of Use

This page describes the terms under which you may use all photos on this site (www.garshol.priv.no/tmphoto). As long as you follow what is set out here you do not need to ask for my permission, but I do appreciate being notified, simply because I enjoy seeing my photos used. If you want to use these photos under other terms, you need to ask me first. My email address is larsga@garshol.priv.no.

You may:

  • copy these photos to your own site and use them in any context you wish,
  • scale, crop, and rotate the photos you use,

provided that:

  • you credit me with a text like "photo(s): Lars Marius Garshol", and
  • each photo is a link to the corresponding photo.jsp URL on this site.

For an example of this done right, see this page.

Note that there is also a way to get photos of certain subjects (at the moment only people) automatically, through a web service.

Bicycle Germany 2005
2005-08-31 19:28:28

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