A problem with finding farmhouse ales to present at tastings and so on is that very few are made commercially. Here is a list of what little there actually is. At the moment I'm only including Norwegian beers.

True farmhouse ale

Fairly authentic farmhouse ales

These beers are made in commercial facilities, and some compromises have been made on process and the level of carbonation and so on, but they are still reasonable approximations of the real thing.

Craft beer with farmhouse elements

These beers are brewed like craft beer, but they have at least one real farmhouse element about them, like farmhouse yeast or farmhouse malts or the process.

A larger list of beers with kveik.

Craft beer inspired by farmhouse ale

These beers are craft beers that were made to approximate what the brewers imagined farmhouse ale could perhaps be like. Many of them are good beers, but they're not very close to the originals.

Lars Marius Garshol, 2018-01-27.