dtddoc: A DTD documentation generator

Version: 0.13
Author: Lars Marius Garshol - larsga@garshol.priv.no.
Last release: 07.Aug.2001

What is dtddoc?

dtddoc is a DTD documentation generator which can read a DTD and associated documentation written in XML and generate nicely formatted HTML documentation or, experimentally, DocBook RefEntry documentation. Later and more complete releases may provide features for supporting other formats as well.


dtddoc is free and you can do as you like with it. If you change it, please let me know.

What's included?

At the moment, the following applications are included:


At the moment dtddoc is a command-line application. It accepts the following parameters:

  dtddoc.py [opts] -f <format> dtdfile docofile outputfile

  -e:          Don't make an element index
  -o:          Skip one-line element descriptions in element index
  -a:          Don't make an attribute index
  -s:          Be silent
  -t:          Be strict (require everything to be documented)
  -f <format>: Output documentation in <format> (html, ref, xtm)

  Required arguments:
  dtdfile:    The DTD
  docofile:   XML documentation for the DTD
  outputfile: Output destination

The DTD documentation DTD has been documented using dtddoc. You can see the DTD, the XML documentation or the generated HTML documentation.

Getting dtddoc

dtddoc is based on xmlproc and SAX and so requires you to have these installed. The easiest way to get these may be to install the Python XML-SIG package. dtddoc itself is available here.

Changes since version 0.12


Any and all feedback is welcome, from suggestions for improvements or new features to bug reports. And I really mean it! If you have some opinions on this program or the documentation DTD, please let me hear them.

Last update 07.Aug.2001, by Lars Marius Garshol.