JCProps home page

Version: 0.10
Author: Lars Marius Garshol -
Last release: 21.Sep.98

What is JCProps?

JCProps is a Java implementation of the OMG Common Object Services Property Service. It has been written using VisiBroker, and is only tested with VisiBroker. Hopefully it will work with other ORBs as well.

JCProps implements the full property service, but has only seen very rudimentary testing. In addition to the property service itself, JCProps adds two very simple Java classes for editing property objects with Swing. There are no attempts to integrate the service with the ORB or allow for the discovery of the service. Instead, the objects are meant to be used directly in programs as if they were non-CORBA objects. (They do of course support remote invocation.)

This release should be considered an experimental release. I've developed the package just as much as I've needed for my personal purposes at the moment. It is my intention to improve the implementation and expand it somewhat later.

Release contents

Currently the release just contains the zipped source and class files. The implementation is simple and straightforward enough that this should be sufficient. Later, fuller relases, will add documentation. For now you'll just have to email me if there's something you can't figure out.


You can find JCProps here.

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