Errata for 'Definitive XML Application Development'

This page documents all the known errors in the book.

The CD-ROM: Throughout the book there are some references to a CD-ROM. This was planned, but eventually dropped in favour of the archive on this web site. Web sites can be updated, but CD-ROMs can't, so it was decided that this was the best approach. The remaining references are simply unspotted mistakes.

Section 2.2.1, page 48: the last two paragraphs on the page are duplicates of each other. This is an editing mistake; only one of the paragraphs should be there. Section 15.4, page 559: the section heading claims two examples are to follow, when in fact there is only one. Another editing mistake: I originally intended to have two, but then wrote only one.

Lars Marius Garshol, 2002-11-22, Definitive XML Application Development.