Developing XML Applications - table of contents


Working with XML

1. XML and information systems

2. The XML processing model

3. Views of documents

4. Common processing tasks

5. Characters — the atoms of text

Event-based processing

6. Event-based processing

7. Using the XML parsers

8. SAX: An introduction

9. Using SAX

10. Advanced SAX

Tree-based processing

11. An introduction to the DOM

12. Using the DOM

13. Advanced DOM

14. Other tree-based APIs

Declarative processing

15. Introducing XSLT

16. XSLT in more detail

17. Using XSLT in applications

18. Architectural forms

Java and XML

19. The Java XML parsers

20. SAX in Java

21. DOM in Java

22. Using XSLT in Java applications

Processing in depth

23. Other approaches to processing

24. Schemas

25. Creating XML

26. The tabproc framework

  • 27. The RSS development kit


    A1. A lightning introduction to Python

    A2. Glossary of terms

    A3. The Python XML packages