Help me keep things up to date!

At the moment (20000122), the site contains information about 211 different software tools, and it goes without saying that keeping the descriptions of each and every tool up to date (including links, metadata and so on) is quite a job.

Ideally I should be going over everything every month or so, but that would take way too much time, and as a result I only fix problems when I become aware of them somehow during normal day-to-day operations.

So if you're a site user and notice something that is wrong: please do not hesitate to let me know. The easiest way to do it is to use the feedback form that is linked to from every product page, but you can also send me an email if you so prefer.

If you are a software developer, however, you can do more than just helping me by checking my pages. Instead, you can post a simple XML document on your website, and I will monitor this document automatically to become aware of updates. This system is called XSA, and has a separate site, which explains how you can do this.

Free XML tools, maintained by Lars Marius Garshol.