About the Free XML tools site

Some background

This site started its life as a simple list of links to free XML tools, but was very much expanded when I was contracted to collect information about all free XML tools for Goldfarb and Prescod's The XML Handbook.

At that point the index was redone as a big XML document, containing descriptions and much other information about the various tools. At the time of writing (20000122) that document is 180k and still growing rapidly.

I've kept updating this index since I think it's fun, it seems to be useful to other people and since I've found it to be a nice vehicle for testing out ideas about web site and information design. This has led to things like a search tool, a system for keeping track of software releases and, most recently, a topic map of the whole index. No doubt there will be more experiments to follow.

Technical info

The site is served from my personal server under my personal domain, and the site contents are generated automatically from the source XML document by a set of Python scripts. These also generate the update list, the RSS channel, the search indexes and the topic map.

If there is sufficient interest I may decide to post the XML source as well, but for the moment I am keeping that to myself, partly because I am not very happy with the DTD I use.

Free XML tools, maintained by Lars Marius Garshol.