A part of Free XML Tools.
By:James Clark
Last release:2003-01-28
Platforms:Platform-independent C source
Category:XML parsers
Info on web:http://expat.sourceforge.net/
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expat is a non-validating parser written in C, and is the parser previously known as XMLTok. It is used in Mozilla 5.0 and in parser modules for several different scripting languages. It is very fast and highly conformant.

expat does no validation, but can read external entities and aims to be a fully conforming well-formedness parser. It does not read the external DTD subset. XML namespaces are supported.

expat supports Unicode, and through a callback the application can extend the number of encodings supported. expat is also designed to support multi-language error messages. Applications are also given access to the raw markup of the document, for the applications that need lexical information.

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