A part of Free XML Tools.
By:Lars Marius Garshol
Platforms:Python 1.5
Category:XML parsers
Category:DTD parsers
Info on web:http://www.garshol.priv.no/download/software/xmlproc/
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xmlproc is a validating parser written in Python. It implements nearly all of the XML Recommendation, including XML namespaces. (The home page lists the deviations.) xmlproc provides access to DTD information and also offers a DTD parsing module. xmlproc supports SGML Open catalogs and XML Catalogs. xmlproc can report errors in Norwegian and English and can be extended to support other languages as well.

xmlproc comes with a DTD-parsing module that it uses to do validation. This module is stand-alone and can be used separately by applications that need to parse DTDs and work on them.

xmlproc has a non-standard interface, but a SAX 1.0 driver is available in the PyXML package.

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