A part of Free XML Tools.
By:The Apache XML Project
Last release:2002-12-10
Platforms:Java 1.2
Category:XSL engines
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FOP is a Java application that takes an XML document conforming to the XSL:FO 2000-11-21 Candidate Recommendation and produces PDF output. It also supports some parts of SVG. FOP can be used with any SAX 2.0 parser to produce PDF from XSL. FOP can be invoked from the command line and read from a file, or it can be given a DOM document or a SAX DocumentHandler at run-time.

FOP uses XP through SAX 1.0 to parse the input document. FOP should be considered to be an alpha release.

It is also possible to use FOP with XT as its XSLT engine to produce PDF directly from XML source and an XSL stylesheet. This provides better performance, by skipping a step in the process.

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