Gobo Eiffel

A part of Free XML Tools.
By:Andreas Leitner
Last release:2002-12-08
Category:XML parsers
Info on web:http://exml.sourceforge.net/
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Gobo Eiffel is a collection of Eiffel components, among which can be found the expat XML parser wrapped into the Eiffel programming language. (Eiffel is an industrial-strength object-oriented language with many features beyond what Java and C++ offer.) There is also a tree-building package on top of the wrapped expat parser.

In addition to the expat wrapper can be found Nenie XML, which is a non-validating XML parser written in pure Eiffel. It passes 99% of the OASIS test cases, and so is highly conformant. The parser supports XML namespaces, and does read the DTD, although it does not use it for validation. The parser supports Unicode by passing data to the application as UTF-8-encoded strings. Nenie XML has both event-based and tree-based interfaces. These are not translations of SAX and the DOM, but specific to Nenie.

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