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By:Michael H. Kay
Last release:2005-08-02
Platforms:Java 1.4
Category:XML middleware
Category:XSLT engines
Category:DTD generators
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SAXON is a Java framework for processing XML documents optimized for XML to XML/SGML/HTML conversions. Essentially, it is an XSLT and XQuery engine which can also be used as a Java development framework. The XSLT implementation is fast, fully conformant and provides many useful extensions. Through its API Java and XSLT code can be combined. XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 are also supported.

SAXON is built on top of SAX 2.0 and DOM 1.0, and should work with any compliant implementation of these. It also supports the XSLT part of JAXP. The API of the XPath implementation can also be used independently. Through integration with FOP SAXON can produce PDF directly from XML.

An improved version of Ælfred with validation support and SAX 2.0 drivers is included, as is a small application that can generate DTDs from sample input files.

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