ISO meeting in Seoul, day 4

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Robert entertaining

The last day of the Seoul meeting also had the closing plenary in the morning, with lots of excitement around who would vote what regarding the OpenXML submission from ECMA and Microsoft. I missed all of this, however, in favour or more training in the TMRM from Robert Barta. He walked us through most of his mapping from TMQL to TMRM, and the details in the optimization of the resulting expressions.

In addition, we did more work on the TMDM-to-TMRM mapping, and smoothed out some of the rough bits. After our discussion the mapping is now pretty straightforward, consisting of only four types of proxies, and of these there are only two you really need to understand. I've started writing the mapping now, and hope to be able to complete it on the flight home.

Lunch was, once again, extensive and delicious.


GTM proposal

The first part of the afternoon session was devoted to GTM, the graphical notation for Topic Maps, a kind of UML for Topic Maps. There was some discussion of what it should be used for, and there seemed to be a general consensus that the most important use is for documenting the ontology (and the constraints on it). However, it was clear that there were many people who wanted to support instances, too, so most likely it will do both.

Two proposals for GTM were presented; one by Graham Moore (for the ontology) and one by professor Jaeho Lee (for instances). They both looked like good starts, if not necessarily ready for adoption without further tweaking.

There was much discussion of whether GTM should have different levels (called GTM0, GTM1, ...), but there was no clear concensus on this point. It turned into a discussion of whether it should be possible to leave out parts of the data to make the diagrams more readable, and there was general agreement that this was a necessity. It was also agreed that a kind of shorthand syntax that would indicate what had been left out might be needed.

After this, I spent 15 minutes presenting the TMDM-to-TMRM mapping, and the resulting discussion improved it even more. It feels like this is pretty much ready now.


The last part of the meeting was dedicated to CTM, the compact textual syntax for Topic Maps (kind of like LTM). Gabriel Hopmans, one of the editors, had put together a set of slides describing the requirements, use cases, and solutions to these in the three existing proposals (AsTMa=, LTM, and Steve Pepper's CTM^3). There are more existing proposals, but Gabriel had not been able to get information on them from their creators.

There was lots of discussion on the finer points of these syntaxes, preferences for separators (or absence thereof), requirements from TMQL, etc. All of this was noted by the editors, who will then sit down and work out a concrete proposal. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with, but I'm not sure about the exact schedule for their work.


Naito-san the barbarian

The meeting was followed by a farewell dinner at a local restaurant where we were treated to bulgogi, the Korean barbecue. It was of course excellent, and I ate more than was good for me. And that was the end of that ISO meeting. The next meeting of WG3 will be at TMRA 2006 in Leipzig in October.


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Liangbing Zhu - 2006-06-04 18:26:59

Hello, Could you tell me where can I download the files about the conference?Such as,tutorial,key note,best practice,and so on. Any help appreciated.Best regards!

Jinie Min - 2006-06-05 12:28:06

Hi, Lars..~~ This is Jinie. Finally I can see your blog. *^^* There are so many difficult things that I cann't understand, but I can enjoy your blog. I'll keep in touch with you by this blog. I'm look forward to seeing more your story here. Take care and be happy, Lars. See you~~~~

Liangbing Zhu - 2006-06-14 09:36:02

I have downloaded all the files about AToMS from Thank you!

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