Geir Ove Becomes a Blogger

<< 2006-08-17 20:49 >>

My friend and Ontopian colleague Geir Ove Grønmo (yes, he of the fridge and the typed data) has started his very own beer blog. He's a dedicated home brewer who has been brewing for at least three years already, and even won a first prize in the Norwegian home brewing championship before he started brewing stuff that was too hard-core to appeal to the judges.

Geir Ove is easily the best-informed beer person I have ever met (as unlike him I haven't met Michael Jackson), so I expect a lot from this blog. Like finally learning whether it's a high mash temperature that gives a dry beer, or a low one, and just what the temperature range was again.

So I'll have to forgive him that his third posting is on a subject I'd been making mental notes on for months already. :-)

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