The Norwegian Topic Maps market

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My boss, Ole-Jørgen Tallaksrud, wrote a short summary of the state of the Norwegian Topic Maps market on request for someone writing a grant application for a research project. I was asked to translate it to English, and thought that this might be useful knowledge for others as well, so I'm posting it here. I guess you could call this "guest blogging." :-)

Bouvet estimates that we have 30-50% of the total Norwegian market for Topic Maps-related services, which we estimate to be worth 70-100 million NOKs annually. (This estimate is based on our general knowledge of the market, and not on any formal market research.)

At the moment Bouvet is running the following Topic Maps-based projects:

On average we do about 25 projects a year based on Topic Maps.

Some reference customers:

The main consultancies operating in the Norwegian market are Bouvet (400), WM-data (?), Avenir (200), Creuna (280), Making Waves (100), with the number of employees in parentheses. We estimate that in total there are 5-10 competing consultancies in the market.

The most commonly used CMSs in Topic Maps projects have so far been MS Sharepoint, Escenic, EpiServer, and ZTM (Zope Topic Maps).

If you adjust for the size of the population, this is quite good. If the US market were the same size per person it would be worth 7.5 billion NOK. The Chinese market would of course be still more impressive. :)

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sveino - 2007-10-05 15:53:32

Maybe you should add OfficeNet's CMS OKP (OfficeNet Knowledge Portal) to your list? After all they were a pilot vendor for integrating the topic maps engine OKS to a cms.

magia3e - 2007-10-08 22:38:21

Hi Lars

I didn't know that the topic maps market was worth so much! It's good that it has such a high profile in Norway. I only wish more people understood them here in Australia.

I'd be VERY interested in hearing how you do topic maps implementations in SharePoint.

M :)

Lars Marius - 2007-10-09 02:37:14

Svein: yes, they do belong on the list.

Matt: Don't worry. Eventually people will understand, even in Australia. :) For Topic Maps implementations with SharePoint the people you want to talk to are Bouvet also does SharePoint work, but I don't, and we don't do it in Australia. :)

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