ISO meeting in Atlanta, day 3

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The meeting started with a show-and-tell session, where people showed each other various tools and projects they were working on. I didn't attend this session, and instead spent the time preparing for the TMQL session.

When I walked into the meeting, Michel Biezunski was busy presenting a proposal for him to hand over to the committee, on the condition that a subsection of it be reserved for him to use to document the history of XTM 1.0. There was general agreement and rejoicing at this.


Patrick Durusau and Steve Newcomb gave a presentation on the current state of T+. There were a number of changes, but no detail presentation on them, since the editors are still preparing a new draft.

I then presented the result of my attempt to map TMDM to T+ (published as N0659), and the problems I ran into in trying to do this. The editors took note of this, without offering any solution on the spot. (Graham Moore suggested the solution on slide 5, but the problem with that is that the proxies become infinite in size, because of mutual recursion.)


Sam Oh then gave a presentation about the use cases for CTM, together with solutions to the use cases in AsTMa=. Solutions to the use cases in LTM were provided on the fly. There was then a short brainstorm with various ideas and new use cases put forward.

Winding up

The winding up focused mainly on settling the PSIs in TMDM, and turned out to be extremely lively. It turned into a real race with votes on so many different issues that probably nobody could remember exactly how many any more. Definitely the most exciting session of WG3 ever, from a process point of view. In the end it all got settled without anyone being too unhappy.

The meeting notes weren't ready yet at the close of the meeting, but will be posted soon. I'll link to them once they are.

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