Travels in 2007

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Yet another year has passed, and so it's time for the annual travel map. This time I haven't lost any laptops, so I was able to reuse last year's script, and even improved it slightly to add links into the tmphoto application.

Below is the map, this time with the travel lines turned on by default. The most interesting pieces to look closely at are probably Norway, Denmark (holiday with bicycling), Japan, Romania, and Poland/Ukraine.

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At the end of 2006 I really expected to travel quite a bit less in 2007 as I knew we were selling Ontopia, but in fact, the opposite seems to have been the case. Some statistics below, just for fun. Both columns leave out repeat trips.

Year   Places Lines
2004 28 34
2005 47 57
2006 44 53
2007 62 71

It's clear that in 2007 I've travelled to more new places than ever before, which I find quite surprising. The count is probably somewhat skewed by a hiking trip in Norway which added quite a few new places, some bicycling in Denmark, and the Bouvet trip to Romania. Anyway, on the good side 2007 had fewer repeat trips than 2006, which meant I got to see more without travelling more. A definite blessing if you ask me.

What 2008 will bring is as yet unknown, but this time I feel quite confident in guessing that I will travel less than in 2007. We'll know for certain 365 days from now.

Sunset in Transsilvania

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