Travels in 2008

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Once again it's time for the annual travel map. This year's is not the most extensive, as I knew when I made last year's, since I knew I was ill and that we were having a baby. This is also why, for the first time in many years, there was no intercontinental travel, and no trips to anywhere even remotely challenging.

The bits of the map that have the most detail are probably Northern Ireland and Germany.

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There was only one work trip this year, to TMRA 2008, which really reduced the amount of travel. Of holiday trips, there was really only the Easter holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland (which I haven't blogged about) and the summer interrail in Germany, apart from a couple of weekend trips. To compare with earlier years, see the table below (which leaves out repeat trips).

Year   Places Lines
2004 28 34
2005 47 57
2006 44 53
2007 62 71
2008 43 48

Using a rental car for a couple of trips in Norway, and the Easter holiday, meant that more places were added in the technical sense without us really seeing that much more. Anyway, given what 2008 was like, I have no complaints.

As for 2009, I don't know. I'm guessing travel won't be very extensive, but it seems it will be a little more adventurous than 2008.

Ballintoy Church, Northern Ireland

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