The year of the DSLR

<< 2009-01-10 16:14 >>

I bought myself a DSLR almost exactly one year ago, and have been working on my photography skills ever since. I've been reading up on theory and equipment, and also worked on trying to make the most of the new camera. I'm happy to say that I think I've made progress during the year. I attribute the improvements to better theoretical knowledge of photography (understanding aperture, ISO, depth of field, etc etc), much better equipment (camera and lenses), and also better post-production.

Ship in fog, Oslo harbour

I'm happy to say that I feel I have solved the four challenges I described as my reasons for buying a DSLR back in January 2008. Whether this has been visible to readers in the photos I run on this blog I can't really say, but here are some photos from 2008 that I am really happy with. Most of these photos I would have wanted to shoot in much the same way in 2007, but I would have lacked the equipment and skills to bring it off.

On the road, Tomter, Norway

It's true what people say about the photographer being the main ingredient in any photo, but it's also true that without the right equipment some photos either won't happen at all, or the quality will be lower. Here's one example of a photo that would have been far better had I used the equipment I now have. How? Much more vivid colour, less grainy, and sharper.

Statues, Moss, Norway

Brøckhouse Esrum Kloster, Oslo-Copenhagen ferry

Whitepark Bay, Northern Ireland

Gate, on the road between Tomter and Ski, Norway

Meißen, Germany

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Dave Pawson - 2009-01-17 04:35:20

Whats the camera Lars?

Love the 'outdoor' photographs. Reminds me how cold it gets up there!

Lars Marius - 2009-01-17 05:13:51

The camera is the Canon EOS 400d, an entry-level DSLR. I wrote a bit more about it here:

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