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Oratory St. Joseph, Montréal

Ever since I started writing seriously about farmhouse ale I knew that some day I would be going to the US to tell people about these beers and brewers. This farmhouse brewing culture was so exciting that it just had to happen at some point. And now it is happening.

That there's this much interest in farmhouse ale in North America is very encouraging, and not nearly as obvious as it might seem. These beers have been despised and misunderstood here in Europe, and the level of interest in them abroad is the thing most likely to actually save them in the end.

I wrote an article on Norwegian farmhouse ale for a glossy Norwegian wine magazine, which I proudly showed to my dad. He leafed through the article and the magazine. The last page of the article was followed by an ad for Chilean wine, prompting him to remark, almost to himself: "there's grandpa's beer, right next to the Chilean wine." I thought that was a perfect summary of what's happening: this used to be something weird that grandpa did in his cellar (my dad's dad brewed his own beer). Suddenly it's being taken very seriously indeed, and treated as a high-level delicacy on a level with top-notch craft beer and wine. Which, strangely enough, really is what it deserves.

Anyway, back to the tour.


The world's first-ever kveik festival is going to be Kveik Fest, September 7 in Chicago. It's organized by Burnt City Brewing and Omega Yeast in collaboration. There's a long list of breweries that will be serving beers made with kveik, and I will be there to give a talk. (My travel expenses will be graciously covered by Omega Yeast, to whom much thanks.)

To all of these events I'll bring some copies of the Lithuanian and Norwegian books, in case anyone's interested.

Beer revolution bar, Oakland


On September 9 I'll be at the GTA Homebrew Club meeting in Toronto, starting at 1900, at Muddy York Brewing. I'll be coming straight from the airport, so it's possible I will be delayed, but I'll do my best.

September 10 I'll be at Burdock Music Hall, also in Toronto, to give a talk on kveik. There will also be a Q&A and beers made with kveik. The event is kindly organized by Richard Preiss at Escarpment Labs. Tickets. Facebook event for the afterparty.


September 12 I'll be doing a talk at Vices et Versa in Montréal, starting at 1900. We'll also do a tasting of some Canadian beers brewed with kveik. Thanks to Martin Thibault for arranging this event!

(There's no Facebook event or anything like that yet. Sorry. I'll add a link here if/when one is created.)


My English book is coming out in April 2020 (more details about that when the publisher has finished the cover), so there will be another trip then. Most likely I will be going to the Craft Brewers Conference in San Antonio (April 19-22) and do some events in other places either before or after. If anyone wants to host an event, let me know. Preferably by email to larsga at

Haight street, San Francisco

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Knut Garshol - 2019-08-07 19:47:52

It is fantastic how the Kveik story has taken off big time. Just be aware that the beer tends to be strong (in original style Norwegian W Coast). There are stories about that for another time. :-)

Jerome Pelletier - 2019-09-19 19:55:21

You came to Montreal and I missed that! :-(

NICHOLAS TRAUSCH - 2020-05-08 18:12:22

Too bad you aren't coming to the Pittsburgh, PA area. Heard a good review of your new book by a fellow club member! Hopefully the virus will abate soon.

Andrew - 2020-10-19 02:42:34

Is there anything similar in Sweden?

Lars Marius Garshol - 2020-10-19 06:39:40

@Andrew: Me speaking about farmhouse ale in Sweden? I was invited to Gothenburg in March, but then the virus happened. With the virus still raging there's no way something like that will happen soon, but once things calm down it might.

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