ISO meeting in Seoul, day 2

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Day 2 of the Seoul meeting started with the opening plenary, where much attention was given to the standardization of Open Document Format (ODF) and OpenXML. Microsoft and IBM both had representatives at the plenary, and the Secretary General of ECMA was there. I, however, was not, as Robert Barta, Graham Moore, and I had a breakout session on TMQL instead. We spent a couple of hours on issues with TMQL, and came away with a strong feeling that the language is beginning to solidify quite nicely.

This was followed by an excursion for lunch at a Korean restaurant in the department store that's part of the hosting hotel. The lunch was, in the usual Korean fashion, ample, consisting of barbecue cooked on the table with a gas burner.



After lunch the first item on the agenda was XTM 2.0, where I had put together a short list of issues that had been discussed after the first draft. We spent about 40 minutes going through these, but nobody brought up anything that would change the syntax. So it seems that we are finally done with the next version of XTM. I'm sure everyone will do more proof-reading and find more little nits, but we should be pretty much ready to go with the draft we already have.

The last part of the day was spent on TMCL, where Graham gave a presentation on the current state. TMCL is at the moment between drafts, and the editors are casting about for the right formalism to map from the syntax to the TMQL expressions that actually define the meaning of the schema. There was much discussion of this and a number of changes were made.

One thing that emerged in this discussion was that we should try to make CTM a subset of the TMCL syntax, and that the TMCL syntax should probably be plain-text (as opposed to XML). This would make it easy and natural to combine the topics that make up an ontology with the constraints on it.

At the end we left the editors ready to start putting all the pieces together and produce a draft.


After the meeting our Korean hosts arranged a dinner at a Korean restaurant. We were bussed to the restaurant, which turned out to be a very nice place. In the restaurant we were then presented with a never-ending succession of Korean dishes. These ranged from delicious to very, very strange, but none failed to interest. I tasted everything and enjoyed myself immensely, but despite walking back to the hotel after dinner to get some exercise, I was still not hungry this morning, and so skipped breakfast.


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