From Seoul to Gjervoldsøy

<< 2006-06-06 11:56 >>

Sunday morning I woke up in Seoul; Monday evening I went to sleep in the family summer house on a tiny island outside Arendal in southern Norway. The contrast could hardly have been greater, in every possible way.

Sunday morning

Monday evening

This may sound strange, but the explanation is simple. I'm speaking at a conference in Arendal today (Tuesday), and rather than stay in a hotel I chose to sleep at the summer house. A good choice, as the view out there is fantastic, and the silence all night total. The only "disturbance" is the light from the lighthouse sweeping across the window facing the sea every 30 seconds. Nice and soothing when you're awake at 0200 trying to convince the body to sleep.

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Are Gulbrandsen - 2006-06-08 19:56:00

Very nice view!

It brings back memories. I used to spend my long summer holidays as a kid by the sea in this part of Norway, between Kristiansand and Lillesand. There's something about the openness of this landscape, the wide and low horizon. And the smell of the salt water, and the sound of it against the cliffs (- is there a word for 'svaberg' in english?).

Hope you'll have a chance to enjoy it this weekend, - the summer is finally here now.

Best regards Are

Lars Marius - 2006-06-09 11:42:36

I don't think English has a word for 'svaberg'. My Norwegian-English dictionary offers nothing better than 'bare rock-face; slope of naked rock', which is correct, but hardly a word. I think the Anglo-Saxons are really losing out here, especially since the reason probably is that they don't have enough svaberg to need a word for them.

I'm staying in Oslo this weekend, and however lovely the south coast is, I can't really say I'm sorry. It's been a while since my last weekend at home. :-)

thora - 2007-05-15 11:55:21

hi. I am from gjervoldsøy by hisøy. Are you planning a new trip to gjervoldsøy soon? Thora.

Lars Marius - 2007-05-15 13:15:15

No, I can't say I do. We're selling the house, so I don't know if I'll ever come back. Unfortunately.

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