Life by the fjord

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The first three days of this week we stayed in a little summer house by the fjord, commuting to work by ferry. Going there on the Sunday felt like any trip to a summer house, except that it was a little odd to take a ferry for 20 minutes out of central Oslo, and then walk for 10 minutes to the summer house. The place itself was a nice little wooden house, literally by the fjord, which we rented quite cheaply from a governmental organization.

Summer house, and commute

The view of the fjord from the outdoor area by the house was pretty, and rather like western Norway, except the mountains have all been flattened, and there are a lot more large ships. Oh, and in the background you can see the highrises in downtown Oslo. It felt quite odd to barbecue outside a summer house while looking at highrises with neon ads on them.

However, I didn't take the days off (my holiday's are not until August), and so I went to work each day. This meant taking the ferry back to Oslo in the morning, then bus to the office, and in the evening the same thing in the opposite direction. This took longer than my usual commute, but was much nicer. Sitting on a ferry in the fjord in the morning is much more relaxing than on a bus, at least in the summer.

The view

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JInie Min - 2006-07-14 17:36:26

I believe your effort to commute could be worth enjoying the life. *^^* That's Great! You know? I spent my summer vacation already because of extreme stress from my works. It was a little bit helpful, but not quite. I'm trying to find the other solution. *^^* I hope I'll be all right soon. Would you recommend some? Take care and be Happy, Lars.

Lars Marius - 2006-07-15 15:18:55

The effort to commute was definitely worth it. :-)

I'm glad you had a vacation after all the work you put into the ISO meeting and AToMS. You definitely deserved it. Not sure I know what to recommend if a vacation wasn't enough. :-|

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