Lars Marius Garshol

Farmhouse Ale Quest

Back in 2010 a young beer blogger was given a book that made him curious about traditional beers. He started looking into it a bit, and blogging about it, and soon found himself sucked into a major investigation. Today, 11 years later, that investigation is continuing and consuming more of his life than ever.

A reader suggested that since it's quite awkward to go back and read through all the published pieces on the blog, perhaps I should publish it as a book. This is that book, starting with the first tentative blog post about farmhouse ale, and following the story up to the middle of 2015, roughly a year after I met my first kveik.

The book is me telling the story of me discovering farmhouse ale and kveik, told through my blog posts written at the time. It contains a lot of stories and photos never published elsewhere.


If you can, please buy from, because that gives me by far the largest share of the price. There are two versions:

Amazon Kindle version.

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