TMRA'05 proceedings have arrived

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The cover

I finally got my copy of the TMRA'05 proceedings on Friday, and have been reading my way through them ever since. So far I've gotten to page 77, and I've enjoyed the trip thus far. What the book contains is the papers accepted at the conference, revised based on comments from the editors (Lutz Maicher and Jack Park) and on feedback received at the conference. In addition comes a 10-page report on the open space sessions written by Alexander Sigel.

Interestingly, this is only the second book on Topic Maps in English, so if you are into Topic Maps it's really a must-have. You can order the book from Springer at EUR 45 or from Amazon at USD 63. At the Springer site it's also possible to buy individual chapters electronically, and on the page for each chapter it's also possible to get a citation, which includes a kind of PSI for the chapter in the form of a DOI URI.

One of Lutz's original motivations for starting TMRA and getting the proceedings published by Springer was to get the Topic Maps research literature out of the "gray" literature (as he called it) and into academically citeable publications. With the publication of this book that goal has really been met, as you can see from DBLP, and similar services.

So, if you want your own paper about Topic Maps published in book form, you know what to do. Here's to hoping the TMRA'06 proceedings will be even better. :-)

The contents

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