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Before travelling to a new city I always do some research on and so that I know where to find good beer when I arrive. This means weeding out the places I don't want to bother with, and making sure I know what the ups and downs of each place are.

The most important part, however, is knowing where each place is, since you want to know which part of the city has the best places. You also want to be able to tell at any point where the nearest good beer place is. Unfortunately, this is where the two sites above fail, and where Google Maps can help.

So to prepare for the trip to København (yes, Copenhagen) I put together a Copenhagen beer guide for my own use. The result is just a simple piece of HTML and Google Maps hackery, and therefore trivial to share, so you'll find it below.

Note that there is also a beer guide published by, which you can find in some pubs in København, and also find online. (I was made aware of this by thebeertourist, who also kindly sent me a copy before I left.)

Færgekroen Bryghus (Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3)
Two lager beers. Nice place, but expensive. Food is OK.
Ølbutikken (Oehlenschlægersgade 2)
Lots of danish microbrews, lots of UK and US beer, lambics and trappists. Gets high scores for selection, and near top for service. Seems to be the best beer store.
Brewpub København (Vestergade 29)
Stylish brewpub and restaurant with beer cuisine. Very new. Has a range of own-brewed beers, as well as other Danish micros on tap. Small, but well-chosen bottled beer selection.
Lord Nelson (Hyskenstræde 9)
Ok place. Good selection of Danish micros, especially Ølfabrikken.
Ølbaren (Elmegade 2)
Beer selection is not too big, but good. Knowledgeable staff (many of which use RB). No food. Supposed to be a nice place.
Den Tatoverede Enke (Gothersgade 8C)
Focuses mostly on Belgian beer. Has some vintage Belgians, plus Danish microbrew from Brøckhouse. Restaurant with good French-style food.
Kareten (Hollænderdybet 1)
Nice historical building with a restaurant serving mostly Danish food. About 70 bottled beers. 12 Danish micros on bottle.
Café Blågårds Apotek (Blågårds Plads 2)
Has 7 Danish beers on tap, and a further 3 on bottle. Knut Albert says they have a good beer selection, but the home page doesn't list that many. Live music. Outdoor serving. Seems nice.
Charlie's Bar (Pilestræde 33)
Lots of English beers on tap (mostly Fuller's) and a decent English bottle selection. Danish beer from Hancocks (which is rated low on RB). Crowded and smoky.
Plan B (Frederiksborggade 48)
Nice place. Extensive selection, lots of Danish beers. Food is OK. Seems to be a must visit.
Barley Wine (Læderstræde 16)
Small shop with a large selection. A little expensive but friendly service. Lots of German, Belgian, Dutch, British, American, Norwegian and Danish Micros.
Nørrebro Bryghus (Ryesgade 3)
Nice brewpub with quite good beers (about 9 on tap). Food is very good and made with beer.
Høkeren (Ravensborggade 13)
Good Danish micro selection with some American and lots of Belgian and UK beers.
Pegasus (Mysundegade 28)
Restaurant with light foods (like tapas) and a goodish beer selection. 10 Danish micros, and a decent Belgian selection.
Gammel Strand Øl og Vin (Naboløs 6)
International beer focus, probably 50 countries. Quite a bit of Danish micro beers as well.

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Knut Albert - 2006-08-01 13:01:17

Splendid. Now, do the same for the rest of the capitals of Europe, please!

Lars Marius - 2006-08-01 13:10:57

Thank you! I generally make one map for each beer city I visit. The London map will be published when I have time. I've got data to put together a Brussels map, too. Other capitals could follow when I have the time (and money). Subsidies/bribes welcome, of course. :-)

Jens Dalsgaard - 2006-08-12 23:24:35

Exellent - I was doing the same map of Copenhagen, but you are way ahead of me!

Thomas Nilsson - 2006-10-03 20:34:40

(Forgot the email-address, hence a second posting...)

Hi there,

I really like your Copenhagen beer map! Given the publist at it would be nice to map at least the pubs in the Stockholm area onto a Google Map. I gave it a quick try: Now the question: I see no copyright notice in your code to create the pubmap. Is it OK to "steal" some of it?

Lars Marius - 2006-10-08 11:50:34

Hi Thomas. Feel free to steal the code for any purpose, and to use it in any way you like. I don't consider this code significant enough to put any kind of restrictions on it.

Use for the promotion of good beer places is of course more than welcome. If someone else makes a good beer map of Stockholm I won't have to... :-)

Ron Pattinson - 2007-08-15 08:09:35

I've already created a Google map for Stockholm pubs:

And Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. Amongst others. Most of my pub guides now have maps.

They're pretty easy to make and dead handy.

Ros - 2009-04-26 08:33:02

Great, Lars! My partner and I are vivisting Copenhagen in August -will try out some of your selections. Partner a bit of a beer afficionado. If ever you are in England.....

Andrew - 2009-06-11 04:26:13


I did a similar one a year ago based on the brewery's in Henrik Boegh's Ĝlruten (I think its called)

It's here,12.476349&spn=0.213813,0.727844&z=11

Ricardo Cortés M - 2010-03-29 18:29:05

I love beer but regrettably I have the celiac disease which prevent me from drinking regular brands. I know Carlsberg produces a gluten free beer under the name of SAXON. I will be in Copenhague late May and would appreciate very much if you can tell me where I can buy this beer, either in Pubs or liquor stores.

Many thanks in advance


Ozvaldo - 2010-04-26 04:38:18

Liking the beer map, and hoping to visit Copenhagen later in the year.

Can you tell me how much the average beer costs please ?

I've heard Copenhagen is an expensive place to go drinking ?!?

Many thanks for your help !!

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