Lars Marius Garshol

Farmhouse Ale Quest - vol 2

The first volume of posts from the blog was quite successful, and people asked for more, so here is the second volume, covering the years 2015 to 2018.

This was the period when I was researching and publishing my first book on farmhouse ale (in Norwegian), and it was beginning to dawn on my just how deep this rabbit hole actually went. The book was out in 2016, but I kept digging, and started eventually getting some answers.

This volume covers my first experience of brewing raw ale, my first stone beer brewing session, and the first really in-depth tour of Lithuanian breweries. It has material on Gotland, lots on Stjørdal, and also the sequence of blog posts where I was beginning to figure out the history of yeast. It ends with the expedition to Estonia.

If you have the first volume you know what to expect. I hope you enjoy it.


If you can, please buy from, because that gives me by far the largest share of the price. There are two versions:

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